Foxloft Farm Honeybee Hive Share

2024 Sponsorships now available!

Are you interested in beekeeping but don't have the time or space to set up a colony of your own?

Consider buying a share in a beehive! We will add your hive to our apiary here in southern Minnesota, manage the colony for you, and send quarterly email updates on the progress of the bee yard, along with photos of your bees at work. As a bonus, you will receive a portion of the harvestable honey from your hive at the end of the season! Enjoy the fun and benefits of beekeeping without the chance of being stung. More information about our farm and hive shares can be found at:

All hive shares include:

  • Emailed printable hive share certificate - great for gifting! (Optional)
  • Honey from your hive mailed to you after harvest in the fall/early winter, usually October-November. (If your hive does not produce any excess honey, the honey will be shared from one of the nearby hives within the apiary. Honey NOT included in the friend-of-bees only tier.)
  • Honey bottles feature customized sponsor labels with your name of choice if requested - great for gifting! (Not included with Mead shares or Native Bee shares.)
  • Email updates about your hive throughout the year

A hive share, renewable annually, is a great way to support bees and to connect with a source of sustainably raised honey. It is a way for people to help share in the costs of beekeeping without the extra responsibility of personally managing a hive! We do not use any antibiotics or chemical treatments in our hives and try to manage them as close to nature as possible. A hive share also makes a fantastic gift for any bee (or honey!) lover in your life.

Choose your sponsorship level below then scroll down and click 'subscribe' to go to Gumroad, our yearly subscription service host to finish checkout. Please note! The default subscription is the top one, the full hive sponsorship - make sure you have highlighted the one you want before you subscribe, and double check the payment amount is correct before you complete your payment information so you're getting the right share you want. Hive shares are set to automatically renew yearly, you can cancel the renewal any time before the year is finished if you don't want to continue. (Canceling a hive share will stop you from receiving update emails. Hive shares are a one time yearly cost and non-refundable once purchased, since they represent a yearly commitment on our end).

For active members, here is a guide to checking and managing your membership:

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$475 a year

Foxloft Farm Honeybee Hive Share